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Description: FruttOvo is a delicious soft food precooked cereal with dehydrated fruit (apple, cherry, strawberry, apricot and enriched egg.) Recommended as a daily food supply to accompany the basic seed diet for cage birds (finches canaries, budgerigars, exotic species).
Ingredients: bread products, cereals, oils and fats, fruits, protein extracts, seeds, sugars, minerals, milk and milk products, yeast.
Additives per kg: : Nutritional additives: 4000 IU vitamin A; 800 IU vitamin D3; 5 mg vitamin E; 25 mg Zinc E6 (zinc oxide); 1.5 mg Copper E4 (copper sulphate pentahydrate); 8 mg Iron E1 (iron carbonate); 20 mg Manganese E5 (manganous oxide); 25 µg Iodine E2 (potassium iodide); 25 µg Selenium E8 (sodium selenite). Antioxidants. Colourants.

Feeding: one teaspoon per day for each individual.

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